Anna Paradiso

On Barn Cottage Records:
Cembalo Paradiso (bcr007)

Also available:
Songs of Yesterday, with Dan Laurin (BIS)
The Father, The Son and The Godfather - Paradiso Musicale (BIS)

In recent years, Anna Paradiso has performed - to the universal acclaim of critics and audiences alike - in USA, Japan and many European countries. In Sweden, where she lives, Anna has played in all major baroque festivals and concert venues, and has also appeared on Swedish and Japanese TV networks. She received scholarships from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and from the Royal Academy of Music of Sweden. She has previously recorded baroque chamber music and British music from the 20th century on the BIS label, with enthusiastic reviews from all over the world.

A love for the classics
Anna was born in Bari, Italy, and at the university there her love for music developed side by side with studies in ancient Greek, Latin and Italian literature. With solo diplomas in piano and harpsichord performance she completed her doctorate in classical philology at Oxford University, UK, where later on she also taught Latin. Now based in Sweden, she is engaged full-time in music performance and musicological research, although she still gives lectures in European universities and academies about Greek and Latin rhetoric in connection with the performance practice of baroque music. Her debut solo disc on BCR, Cembalo Paradiso, puts into practice many of her deeply-held ideas about music as rhetoric.